Arby’s quietly rolled out this Jamocha shake upgrade this month which combines their famous Jamocha Shake with america’s favorite cookies:  Oreos.  For those not familar with the Jamocha shake flavor it basically makes a milk shake out of the caffe mocha coffeehouse drink.

Arby’s spices up the party with Oreo pieces that are applied to the bottom of the cup and to the top of this shake.  They don’t do any blending so this creates an unbalanced sipping experience.  I wasn’t able to get too much Oreo taste until I got far enough into it and the top piece game into play.  The Jamocha shake is actually very good on its own so it didn’t ruin the shake, and when I did get to the Oreos it was a definite plus.
One day maybe Arby’s will seriously explore developing their shake line and will invest in blenders to create more interesting drink combinations.  Because the Jamocha is legit  on its own, and because Oreos make anything taste better this limited time promo gets a 3.5.
Its easy to overlook, but if you find yourself at Arby’s consider adding the $1 12oz size to your order, live life to the fullest.

Small Jamocha Oreo Shake