Every year, as a lad, when you went Trick-or-Treating, you were bombarded with a plethora of fun sized candy bars.  The bite sized, nugget portions were somewhat frustrating, but still gave you a taste of your favorite candy bar.  Arby’s is now running with this idea and meat.

Arby’s latest ad campaigns have been focused solely on meat.  They have the meat and you want the meat.  Simple, yet effective.  Arby’s promotional items are usually epic in nature and price.  This goes double dog if you end up not liking what you’re eating and you’re stuck with a half pound of funk.  These sliders seem to be aimed at giving you just a little taste of either chicken, corned beef, roast beef w or without jalapenos, or ham.  No immediate word on pricing or if you can get multiples of these in a combo, but they certainly seem worth a fun sized bite.