Way back in November, some three plus months ago, Arby’s featured their Reuben and Super Reuben sandwiches with little fanfare.  There was nary a commercial or ad campaign, but sure enough, if you went to Arby’s site and checked out their features, the corned beef treasure was there.  We reviewed the premium priced turkey infused Super Reuben and thought it was pretty decent.  Fast forward to March and Arby’s is once again featuring these two marble rye mad men with a full court blitz of marketing.

Arby’s has even created a new disorder to help highlight the nation’s crippling addiction to fats and cheeses. Need  a Reuben Now Syndrome (NRNS) is the talking point on all the ads with the Good Mood Food Dude serving as the head physician on the case.  Jokes about involuntary salivating with the mention of corned beef and thousand island dressing sippy straws are prevalent and somewhat clever.  The commercials also do a great job making the classic sandwich look pretty tasty.  With sliced corn beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing hunkered between warm and toasty marble rye bread, these guys look like a pretty decadent treat.

For all of those with extreme cases of NRNS, take a gander at our review of the Super Reuben which ups your dosage with the addition of turkey.  We’re hoping Arby’s comes up with something new next month though.

~Fast Food Geek