Wendy’s continues to prove that they’re not messing around and are rolling out three new sides. They recently announced that chili cheese fries will become a permanent addition to the menu as well as two additional “limited-time” only sides: Mac and Cheese and baked sweet potato. All three sides will be listed at $2.49

The chili cheese fries make too much sense, considering the fact that they can be constructed with currently existing ingredients. Nothing bold here, a just timeless good idea: fresh cut fries + chili + cheese.

The Mac & Cheese, according to BurgerBusiness, will be the classic “Vermont Cheddar” (which I believe is strictly a mac & cheese only cheese) combined with the fine and fancy good ol’ American cheese. No better way to fast-foodify mac & cheese than to toss in a couple squares of American fresh out of their individual plastic wrappings. It’s a little surprising to me that no other major fast food companies have tried a mac & cheese side—not counting panera, or those fried mac & cheese triangles that Arby’s had a few years back.

As for the sweet potatoes, they will be served with a side of cinnamon butter spread.
Still waiting on the next big sandwich from Wendy’s as rumors continue to swirl about an all new chicken and high class gourmet burgers. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

See below for a screen shot from Wendy’s nutrition page, click to enlarge: