In what appears to be a test market gold mine, Wendy’s has unleashed the brand new Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club in the Pittsburgh area.  I was tipped off by avid FFG reader and my great personal friend Cisco (@cisco729).  He’s already consumed multiples of these sandwiches and he told us that they’re a must have.

While no official description exists on Wendy’s site, typical for items being test marketed, the sandwich seems to consist of Wendy’s famed Spicy Chicken Fillet, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, a smattering of God sent guacamole, apple-wood smoked bacon, and what appears to be some sort of ranch dressing.  Like anything involving avocado’s offspring, this item is premium priced.  Sporting a $4.89 sandwich only price and almost 7 stones for a combo, these aren’t for the value minded human.  But on paper, this sandwich has the makeup of a HOF’er.  Review forthcoming!