Dave's Single Hero
Wendy’s is going back to the start. Starting this week, Wendy’s is beginning a new ad campaign to promote Dave’s Single Cheeseburger.  At the center of the campaign is the theme “The Othr Guyz”, which focuses on how Wendy’s is “deliciously different” from the competition.  This includes using 100% fresh, North American, never frozen beef and supporting a supply chain that costs more than a frozen counterpart to promote enhanced taste.  Dave’s Single will now feature a new bakery style bun, in addition to the usual 1/4 beef hamburger, Dave’s signature mayo, and premium produce such as hand chopped tomatoes, full heads of lettuce, crisp red onions, and crinkle cut pickles.  We’ll be sure to try out the revamped burger and let you guys know how it rates!