Thanks to Grub Grade’s scouting report, it appears as though Wendy’s has gone under the radar once again, put their hand in some sort of hat, and have pulled out a rabbit.  Well make that two.  Enter the Black Label Burger line.  Just like liquor brands, Black Label refers to premium quality.
Currently being test marketed in Wichita, Kansas, there appears to be two burgers that are currently being sampled.  The Bacon Portabella and the Spicy Santa Fe.  As a sauce lover, the descriptions of these sandwich tantalize my tasters, because it looks like Wendy’s will be using a different sauce or spread on each  ends of the bun.

Both burgers pack a 1/4 lb of beef, while the Bacon Portabella also sports mushroom sauce on the bottom bun, muenster cheese, bacon, tomato, and a mystery peppery sauce on the top bun.  This burger is currently being priced at a whopping $4.89.  The Spicy Santa Fe has guacamole on the bottom bun, yes the condiment that restaurants treasure and price like its crude oil,  pepper jack cheese, mixed salad greens, tomato, onions, and a spicy cilantro, jalapeno, lime sauce on the top bun.  This one is going for a slightly lesser $4.49 price tag.

With these one patty burgers almost being $5, it remains to be seen if consumers will latch on to premium offerings and premium price tags.  When they come out in our area, we’ll be sure to try them!

Until the next sauce,

Fast Food Geek