We’ve been covering a lot of Wendy’s test items recently, so it’s only natural that a test item from last January makes it to a nationwide release.  Welcome in the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger and Bacon Fondue Fries.  Gouda cheese is a buzz worthy ingredient because it not only fancy but sounds quite fancy as well. Wendy’s tells us that participating restaurants will begin carrying these on November 30th.

gouda bacon
The Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger includes a 1/4 pound of beef, topped with Gouda Cheese, Swiss Gruyere Cheese sauce, and garlic aioli.  Then finalized with three strips of bacon, spring mix, red onions, and a tomato.  With Gouda cheese topped off with two different sauces, we don’t expect this one to be a particularly neat eat, but it certainly sounds tasty. This sandwich will go for $4.99.

The Bacon Fondue Fries consist of Wendy’s signature Natural Cut Seas Salt Fries, drizzled with warm Swiss Gruyere Cheese Sauce, and then topped with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon. These will retail for $1.99.