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Wendy’s has been following a similar strategy for quite a few months now. Feature a signature sandwich product and then also create a similarly topped french fry to push the brand further.  This time around instead of featuring just a burger or a chicken sandwich, Wendy’s has brought both to the table. Introducing the Bacon Queso line.  Featuring either a burger or chicken breast, the Bacon Queso sandwiches also feature the signature warm and spicy poblano queso sauce, Apple-wood smoked bacon, fire roasted salsa, red onion, cheddar cheese, all on a toasted red jalapeño bun.

There’s also the Bacon Queso fries, which feature the spicy poblano queso sauce and bacon atop a bed of Wendy’s fries.  The burger contains 550 cals, the chicken sandwich has 590 cals, while the fries feature 510 calories.