While December has just started to kick in for most of you out there, and realize that you might actually have to venture out of your basement to do some holiday shopping before you sorely disappoint your mother with another “homemade” Christmas gift, the world of fast food continues to evolve and devolve every day.  While it is known that December is the slowest month of the year for fast food eateries due to holiday parties and family get together’s larger than Charlie Weiss’ fupa, many restaurants take this time to throw out acts of desperation.

Just like a Tyler Palko Hail Mary, these ideas can succeed, or they can fail and falter like a shopping trip on Christmas Eve. Trying their best at the former is Subway.  Proclaiming December as their Customer Appreciation month, Subway has hit that sweet spot with that $2 price point made famous by Taco Bell.  This month only, you can get either a Meat Ball Marinara 6′ or a Cold Cut Combo (ham, salami, bologna) 6′ for only $2.  And thanks to some clever ordering, you can order two of each and get yourself a backdoor $4 footlong! While neither are particularly healthy, it’s the holiday season, you’re gonna balloon up like post divorce K-Fed anyway, so why not?

Moving right along, Burger King has altered their fries once again! Stemming from their 90’s transformation with that classic Mr. Potato Head ad campaign, and following in Wendy’s brave footsteps, BK has silently released a new fry recipe.  Been out of a couple of weeks without any fanfare, only this weekend brought a new commercial touting the new fries, including a “thick cut” promise that will make your belly gurgle with joy.  This NY Daily News article states that the new fries are drawing rave reviews from fast food junkies.  With the new fries being bigger, crispier, hotter, and less salt than the previous generation’s, we will be sure to try these out real soon and let you faithful readers know what we think!

Last of our news comes from our buddies over at Burger Business.  It seems as though Wendy’s has begun testing out their new Gold Chicken line in select markets, including Kansas City.  While the traditional sandwiches have yet to be revealed, Wendy is take her chicken to the flat bread department. Never before seen and yet to be photographed, there appears to be 4 different flavor options including an Asiago Ranch, a fancy sounding Caprese with mozzarella and pesto, a Smokey Apple BBQ, and a Smoked Honey Mustard.  All of these sandwiches pack a sub $6 combo price, a tad bit lower than their current chicken sandwich combos.  With the sandwiches being well received, we look forward to being able to try them early in the new year!

Hope that satisfies your Monday fast food craving, until our next review, Fast Food Geek out!

~Fast Food Geek staff