wendys nuggets
UPDATE: Check out Wendy’s new 4 for $4 Deal for October! 

Fast food restaurants have been fighting a divided battle for years now.  Offering premium products that typical customers will splurge on are often highlighted, yet the real cash cow is typically value menus and meal deals.  Wendy’s is focusing on the latter with their new $4 10 piece Nugget Combo.  Along with this, Wendy’s is promoting their new Creamy Sriracha sauce as a perfect dip for the nugs.  

The Creamy Sriracha sauce isn’t clearly defined, but I imagine it comes out to a combination of mayo and sriracha sauce, leading to a bit of tang. For $4, you can get a 10 piece of Wendy’s all white meat chicken nuggets, a small fry, and a small drink.  These days, in the fast food world, that qualifies as a pretty robust amount of food for under $5, let alone $4. This deal is available all day, so you won’t have to wait until past your bed time to get it either!