One of the most successful mashups in Taco Bell history is the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It’s probably one of my all time favorite fast food items. Combining two different carbs, cheese, and meat is a challenge for many, but not for Taco Bell.  Over the years the formula has been altered and enhanced with bacon and even adding a Doritos hard shell with some success, but now Taco Bell has decided to double on beef.

Featuring a standard hard shell beef taco with spicy ranch sauce, the item is then surrounded by a flatbread style gordita flatbread that commingles the two with not only cheese but also another serving of beef.   The beef is effectively doubled here, and that really seems to be the only alteration, but this over the top concoction promises to bring only more of the greatness of the original.  Coming in at an a la carte price of $3.50, you can also add a medium drink and two standard hard shell tacos for the $5 Box promotion as well.