Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell Menu is about to get some exciting additions. Adding on to the Cantina Burrito and Bowl will be the new Double Steak Quesadilla in July.  The quesadilla will be loaded up with pepper jack cheese and Lorena Garcia’s new marinaded steak.  This bad boy will be served up with new Cantina Salsa and sour cream at $4.99.  Should be really interesting to sees how this compares with the standard quesadilla.

Now being test marketed in select locations are Cantina Fajitas.  This is a potentially exciting product considering I’ve never seen any type of fast food fajita attempt before.  Served with either chicken or steak, fresh onions, red & green peppers, cilantro rice, whole black beans, guacamole, reduced fat sour cream, pico, and warm flour tortillas.  The pictures certainly make it look legit, so hopefully these babies will test well!

~Fast Food Geek