Way back in May, Taco Bell told Toledo, Ohio residents that thanks in part to their patronage, the Quesalupa had a successful test run, and it would soon hit nationwide.  Now we may be a few weeks away from a national announcement, thanks in part to a mysterious press release Taco Bell has made today.  The company has released a statement, filled with blacked out, redacted items to keep the item a mystery, but states that a full reveal will happen during Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th) commercials.  

The Quesalupa has long been hyped as Taco Bell’s next big food item, and based on the claim in the presser that this product “could be its biggest food creation yet”, we’re taking an educated guess that this is it.  The Quesalupa combines the Taco Bell favorite Chalupa (essentially a deep fried taco shell) and adds the cheesy essence of a quesadilla right in the shell.  We’ll let you know more, whenever we hear it.