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This year’s installment of the Fall Classic will start tomorrow with the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets facing off.  Taco Bell is enhancing everyone’s World Series experience with a breakfast giveaway featuring the Fast Food Geek approved A.M. Crunchwrap.

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After the first stolen base takes place by any team in any game, there will be free A.M. Crunchwraps for all on a designated day.  If the stolen base occurs in Game 1 or 2 (October 27th and 28th) then the redemption day will be on November 5th.  If the stolen base isn’t until games 3-7 (Oct 30-31, November 1,3, and 4) then the redemption day will be on November 10th.  Let’s just hope that they get that first stolen base out of the way as early as possible.