While most value menus at fast food joints these days span any number of prices, Taco Bell is doing their best to keep the $1 menu as an actual $1 menu.  Still running with a $1 Cravings menu that runs all day long and features a variety of options, Taco Bell is testing out a $1 Breakfast Menu in California currently.

$1 are a no brainer these days, with food prices going up everywhere, the college kid in all of us is stoked that one eatery is still catering towards the hungry and broke.  While most of the items aren’t the newest, the menu does seem to have some variety.  Featuring a two pack of new Oat & Blueberry Delights with vanilla frosting, a mini skillet bowl that consists of eggs, potatoes, cheese, and pico, a sausage flatbread quesadilla, and grilled breakfast burritos, the menu won’t wow too many, but certainly could create some impulse buys.  Hey you can even get a hash brown on it’s own instead of ordering the whole breakfast crunchwrap! Hopefully this will make it nationwide in the near future.