First the failed Waffle Taco, then the Biscuit Taco, and now we have Croissant Breakfast Tacos.  Thanks to our Instagram follower @callmeron  we have news that a Parma Heights, Ohio (outside of Cleveland) Taco Bell is serving up breakfast tacos wrapped up in a croissant like “shell”.

wrapped up IMG_4437

Notice the makeshift wrapper used in the above image.  Classic early stage test market item omitting specially designed product wrapper.

Taco Bell Croissant Breakfast Taco

Taco Bell, tests out wild and crazy products all the time, many aren’t destined for prime time. While we all wait for a national release of the Fritos Shell Tacos that have been going through extensive testing, we can begin dreaming about the decadent nature of eggs, cheese, and a meat (bacon, sausage, or steak) surrounded by a buttery, flaky croissant like substance.  We’ll update this page with further details as they become available!

[UPDATE 11/2/15:  New images of the taco added.  Big shout out to FFG Reader Patrick for sending along the fresh shots!]