While this news was broken last week, by both Grub Grade and Food Beast, we figured we would pay our respects to the Doritos Locos Tacos launch and hold off until the dust settled a little for this news.  Taco Bell’s unprecedented assault on the gimmick game continues this year with the new test marketing of Loaded Grillers.

Look at those grill areas

Taco Bell loves using the grill press.  Whether its the quesadilla, or Grilled Stuft Burritos, or the Crunch Wrap Supreme, or even at First Meal they will find any excuse they can to make that browned grill appearance a reality.  The grilled legacy lives on with these value priced items.  Selling for a meager 99 cents in the test market of Lawrence, Kansas, these look to emulate mini burritos.  And with three flavor options already in the bank, it looks like these dudes are primed for prime time.  The three varieties include a Spicy Buffalo Chicken, a Beefy Nacho, and a Loaded Potato.

We’ve heard back from our Taco Bell sources and they’ve informed us that the Loaded Grillers are filled with what they describe as appetizer flavors.  They are currently being test marketed from now until late mid April in Kansas City. They didn’t share any specific sales figures with us, but did hint at the fact that they are selling quite well.  And just like one of our readers noted, the Loaded Potato contains bacon, so it is not the meat free product we once thought.

~Fast Food Geek