Taco Bell is having what seems to be a banner year.  First the Doritos Locos Tacos went public with a bang upwards of 100 million tacos in the first few months and now the Cantina Menu is set to drop on July 5th nationwide.
The likes of Chipotle, Moe’s, and Qdoba have had their spot in the sun for quite some time, but Taco Bell is attempting to take on gourmet Mexican Fast Food with their new Cantina Menu, filled with freshly prepared ingredients and tastes.

A Cantina Bowl will be available which is essentially a burrito bowl.  Coupled with the fresh pico de gallo, roasted corn and pepper salsa, black beans, real hass avocado laced guacamole, citrus herb marinated chicken tops a bed of cilantro rice.  If these ingredients sound fancy and new, that’s because they are.

The other main item to be offered is the Cantina Burrito is the same ingredients of the bowl, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla.  Both items can also be ordered in Steak or Veggie options.

The best aspect of these items are they are all priced under $5.  So the every man can now start enjoying these premium items without losing half of their paycheck like at the competition.

Lastly, be sure to head over to the Taco Bell Facebook page on Thursday, July 5th for an exclusive opportunity to get a BOGO offer.  We’ll be back with a review as soon as we can get our hands on it!