Last night at midnight Taco Bell unleashed the Doritos Locos Tacos to the public.  Hoping it will be their biggest product ever, the company initiated a midnight release at participating locations.  Having been flown across the country a few weeks back, it seemed like it was my civic duty to cover the event.  I was pretty excited for my fiance to try one, plus I honestly wanted to get my hand on another as well.

Rolling up at approximately 11:55 PM est, I was greeted by a borderline bustling Taco Bell.  Employees inside were busy resurfacing the windows with the new Doritos promo posters, a sight that I could only compare to whenever you’re lucky enough to see the hands on clock actually move.  A small grouping of mostly 20 somethings were outside of their vehicles pow-wowed and eagerly waiting for the clock to strike midnight.  It reminded of the scene whenever the second Matrix movie dropped, where hardcore fans were gathering but by no means was this like an iPhone release.

At midnight, the enthusiasts got into their cars and began rolling through the drive-thru.  Apparently, my local Taco Bell didn’t feel the need to open up the dining area for this event, deeming this as merely drive-thru worthy. We didn’t really mind, we were still gonna get our Doritos Locos.

We ordered two of the Supreme varieties, which I reviewed from within the Taco Bell HQ’s a few weeks ago.  Based on presentation and appearance, it looked as if these employees were trained quite well, with the tacos being firmly supplanted in their holsters.

After a normal glance over, we dove right in to the cheesy goodness.  I can honestly say there wasn’t a dip in quality at all from eating one in the wild compared to eating one at Taco Bell’s test kitchen.  The bursting flavors, the cheesy Doritos shell, and the booming beef took me right back to the West Coast.

So do yourself a favor, go out today, one and all, and give the Doritos Locos Tacos a try.  You won’t be dissatisfied.

~Fast Food Geek