boss wraps

Taco Bell is the one fast food establishment you can always count on going “All In”.  They have wild and wacky promotional items that we can’t get enough of.  The Taco Bell Boss Wrap is another prime example.  Going off of the adage that being a Boss comes with special privileges, eating an over the top crunch wrap type food vessel stacked with steak and other awesome items clearly among them.

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Photo Oct 27, 9 46 57 AM
There are two variants of Boss Wraps, Fully Loaded and Steak & Potato.  The Fully Loaded (750-760 cals) contains a double dosage of steak, avocado ranch sauce, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, a 3 cheese blend, and pico.  The  Steak and Potato option is the more decadent (860-870 cals) featuring steak, chipotle sauce, sour cream, bacon, 3 cheese blend, and crispy potatoes.  A Taco Bell Boss Wrap comes in at around a hefty $4.99 price. We’ll be sure to review!