taco bell website
In their continuing push to a new online world, Taco Bell has completely revamped their website to include online ordering and free reign on customization with their new wesbite, known simply as Ta.Co.  Taco Bell has one of the best smartphone apps out there for fast food ordering and the new website comes fully stocked with some of the same great features as the app. 

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With fancy animations, a news feed, as well as the ability to make online orders for pickup at your local Bell, Taco Bell’s website looks truly 2.0 in nature.  Special online only offers including, $2 off a $10 order are currently present as well, with more to come in the future. You can even reorder past orders with only a click. I’ve found that being able to customize and do wild recreations to order is a lot easier on the app compared to embarrassing yourself in the actual line with 30 people waiting being you.  Head over to ta.co to check it out!