With fast food restaurant execs too busy orchestrating holiday office parties to release new products this month, it has been pretty slim pickings so far this month. But it looks like our fortunes are about to change more drastically than Chaz Bono’s hormonal balance. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re gearing up for the new fiscal years for most companies, which brings new hope for the dreadful and wasted opportunities of 2011.

No one had a tougher 2011 than Taco Bell thanks to their meat fiasco, but before they roll out their new Doritos Locos Tacos we previewed earlier, they are bringing back an old favorite to their gimmick soiree. Tomorrow, December 22, will mark the much anticipated return of the .99 cent marvel, the Beefy Crunch Burrito. Value priced at less than a dollar, packing beef, rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, and the game changing Flamin’ Hot Fritos that add a crunchy spice that is mind blowing. The crunch tastic treat will be offered as either a combo meal or the famous $5 Big Box meal. We haven’t tried this one out yet, so we’ll be sure to review it as soon as we can!

In other news, Pizza Hut is doing their best to make America fatter this holiday season with their Big Dinner Box meal. Priced at an even $20, you’ll get 2 one topping Pan Pizzas, 8 Wings sauced any way you like them, and 5 breadsticks. Still no idea who gets that fifth bread stick, but Fast Food Geek has a review in the works of this big box of madness, but before we tackle this titan of terror, it was revealed in a Yahoo article that the lowest caloric option plops its bulging buttocks down at a staggering 4,860 calories. So no matter how bad your munchies are, don’t plan on eating this one by yourself, unless you plan on fasting for two days afterwards. We’ll have a group review as soon as we can, but until then Happy Holidays to you and yours from Fast Food Geek!

~Fast Food Geek Staff