It’s that time of the month again where Starbucks unveils some new products. This time we get a new line of butterscotch beverages and a couple of tangy sandwiches.  The Butterscotch Latte consists of espresso, steamed milk, smoked butterscotch sauce, and some smoky butterscotch sugar.  A Frappuccino variant is also available.

New sandwiches include the Spicy Chorizo, Monteray Jack, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich includes spicy chorizo sausage, Monteray Jack cheese, and eggs infused with caramelized onions on potato bread. For those looking to eat a little later in the day the Ancho-Chipotle Chicken Panini is for you.  Consisting of of shredded chicken drenched in ancho-chipotle sauce, fire-roasted poblano peppers, red onion, Gouda cheese, and spicy cilantro pesto on a toasted ciabatta roll.