It’s certainly an exciting time for Fast Food Geek. We’re reviewing gimmick foods at a fast pace, we’re delivering all the breaking industry news, garnering attention from some restaurants, other blogs, and even some news sites. But all of this somewhat pales in comparison to the latest opportunity presented to us yesterday. An all expenses paid trip to the Taco Bell HQ to get a sneak peak at the highly anticipated Doritos Locos Taco!  This is the first installment of a several post series portraying our trip to the fast food mecca.


I was contacted yesterday via email and phone call by Taco Bell’s PR and Marketing Firm, about an exciting opportunity regarding a company that I had been in contact with recently. Flabbergasted and caught off guard, my initial reaction to the email, was bewilderment and a bit of skepticism. Being swindled and pranked on the internet is high on the heap these days, so its normal to be a little curious. But shame on me for 6 weeks for feeling this way, because after calling and speaking with Taco Bell’s PR firm, I was informed of a unique opportunity that knocked me off of my seat.


Taco Bell a longtime favorite of the site, who we had also been in contact with a number of weeks ago, wants Fast Food Geek to attend a special event that they are hosting for bloggers and other people in the know about the Doritos Locos Taco at their company HQ in Irvine, CA.  As I was being given the details about the event, my body almost went into a spastic shock, with my heart racing at a mile a minute as if I had just ate a KFC Double Down.


So here’s the inside scoop on this special event. It centers around the Doritos Locos Taco, the new taco debuting some time this year across the country as Taco Bell’s newest gimmick. The shell of the taco is made out of the Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos, with the beef apparently being a little less spiced than normal TB beef to keep the flavors at an even keel. We’ve been greatly anticipating its arrival, even crowing 2012, The Year of the Taco in a prior news post.

Taco Bell is in the final stages of prepping this beauty before it slaps it on the ass and sends it off into America’s gut. So in anticipation, they are bringing in some folks from around the country, who have professed their unrelenting desires and lust for this tempting taco temptation, and yours truly was lucky enough to get the call.


Next Wednesday, I’ll be boarding a flight, bound for California, and staying in a lush hotel, courtesy of Taco Bell.   From there, I will enjoy a day of wonderment and grandeur spent at Taco Bell Headquarters. While the itinerary for the day isn’t set in stone, here is a brief rundown of the day’s events:

As you can see, besides being introduced to the Doritos Locos Taco formally in the test kitchen, we will also be granted a tour of the Headquarters and have access to the test kitchen, and get some in depth knowledge on other Taco Bell news for 2012.
I’m tickled pink with excitement, and we’ll be bringing you up to date coverage all next week leading up to, and including the event. You’ll want to be following our Twitter account and liking our Facebook page for this one!
So stay tuned to Fast Food Geek as we bring you tons of inside looks at Taco Bell and the Doritos Locos Taco!