Red Robin remains a fast food enigma to us.  Releasing monthly burgers and having an extensive menu that consists mainly of items found at fast food joints, yet having a sit down theme as well as a bar.  They have also been named “Best Burger” by Zagat for three years in row for the Full Service Restaurant (FSR) category, so we can’t help but like them.  Having bottomless steak fries with their burgers helps out too.  While we haven’t reviewed anything from the rouge bird, we’ll be sure to try their newest burger creation: The Big Melt Bacon Burger.

That’s a lot of words, describing a lot of grand things.  Nothing like hearing big and bacon used to describe the same thing.  This big daddy features 4 strips of applewood smoked bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, mushroom and onions sauteed in a BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, and the token amount of lettuce, all served on an onion bun.  I for one love that it has Ranch dressing instead of the normal suspects for burgers like mayo or mustard.  Plus this whole sauteing of vegetables in a sauce has my pistons pumping like a runaway freight train.

Red Robin apparently could care less about the Lenten season, releasing this meat fest right before Ash Wednesday.  The burger will be available through April 29th.  We’ll be sure to try it out and report back!

~Fast Food Geek Staff