For years, major chains have provided the masses with knock offs of food inventions from creative chefs. The famed Cronut is now offered everyday at Dunkin Donuts for instance.  Now the Ramen Burger idea has taken the same leap.  Originally debuted by Keizo Shimamoto in Brooklyn during 2013, the Ramen Burger swaps out traditional hamburger buns with still hardened Ramen noodle blocks.  The Red Ramen will be offered for two months, starting April 4th, and in addition to the Ramen Noodle slabs will feature a burger patty topped with  teriyaki and Chiu Chow aioli, chili infused slaw, carrots, onions, and fresh basil.  Many traditionalists will be outraged from the knockoff, but this will provide the masses to get a glimpse of what this trend is made of.