I love fast food.  But what I really love even more is free fast food.  One of the best perks from this site has been being able to dabble in wondrous new and fanciful creations from fast food titans. But Quiznos has stepped up their game by sending me a boatload of swag along with $50 gift card to try out their radical new menu.  A true dream come to life.  I’m in fast food heaven.

Recently Quiznos has decided that it’s put up or shut up time.  After staring into the mirror and not liking what they see, a revamped and rambunctious menu emerged.  25 new items arrived, including sliders, flat breads, and wraps.

Quality is now being a focal point, with fresh toppings and what is now being touted as all natural chicken. Fast Food Geek has always been huge fans of the Quiznos signature Chicken Carbonara sub, that has been known to cause a few mid afternoon naps.

The Quiz has also taken a page out of Subway’s playbook and now has allowed the customer to come in a put whatever the heck they want on the bun.  Allowing the customer to pick their bread, cheeses, dressing, veggies, and lunch meat is a dangerous thing, but for the price of $5.99 for a large, I certainly would like to try some of that carbonara sauce on some turkey.

To help me dabble in all of the new promotions and bite down into the madness Quiznos was nice enough to send me a Qrave branded T-Shirt, reusable grocery bag, playing cards, umbrella, and my personal favorite; a sleeping mask.  But best of all a $50 gift card to help me sample all the sauces.  So look forward to me heading into the Q and trying out some of these new items.  Until then you can head over to the Quiznos site or Facebook page to check out all of the Quiznos Qrave videos and enter to win $500 in Quiznos by sharing your Qrave face!