Last week we told you guys about Pizza Hut’s outlandish ploy to get customer’s to spend over $10,000 on an elaborate proposal package highlighted with a $10 Dinner Box.  It appears as though all 10 packages are still available, big shocker.  Today we move along, to two other fast food eateries lending out special promotions for the big V-Day holiday occurring tomorrow.  Both are recurring events that they’ve done in the past, but that doesn’t make them any less stellar.  Qdoba’s buy one get one entree offer if you kiss someone at the cash register on Feb 14th returns alongside of Papa John’s Heart Shaped Pizza and Cinna-Pie combo for $15.

Qdoba, the Mexican Subway, though owned by Jack in the Box, is encouraging PDA’s and saliva swaps for the love of free burritos.  Its a simple promotion to celebrate people’s love and their love for fattening Mexican food.  The stipulations say that if you kiss a “significant other, family member, friend, or consenting stranger” you will receive a buy one get one free entree offer.  So you can conceivably start trolling your local Qdoba in search of desperate members of the opposite sex, in a last ditch effort to get some free food and a date on the classic Hallmark Holiday.  It doesn’t say anything about getting more free food for slipping the tongue, so better not to try that one, for everyone’s sake.

Papa John’s has started rolling out pizzas in the shape of a heart.  To celebrate love and romanticism, nothing compares to a pizza pie in the shape of a body part.  While some locations are only offering this deal on February 14, others have begun the deployment early.  Either way, the last day to get them will be tomorrow.  The deal consists of a one topping, thin crust, heart shaped pie and a suspiciously circular shaped Cinna-Pie for the low, low price of $15.  I was never aware of pizza being an aphrodisiac of any sort, but apparently tomato sauce, bread, and cheese gets the hormones pumping like a blast furnace.

So hurry up, find someone you love, and indulge in Burritos and Pizzas with these not so heart healthy offers.

~Fast Food Geek