While previously resistant to changing their menu over the years, Primanti’s–the Pittsburgh classic with fries and coleslaw IN the sandwich–is beginning to get into the seasonal offer game. The past two years have featured limited offerings such as the “When Pig’s Fly” Sandwich, (which referenced the notion of the restaurant never adding a new sandwich) and last year’s two Easter themed specials “Hell Bent” or “Heaven Sent” sandwich options.  This year Primanti’s is getting into the spirit of Oktoberfest with the Yuengling inspired Bavarian and Viennese sandwiches.  

IMG_1853 IMG_1851
The Viennese (pictured above) features fried pork schnitzel, Muenster cheese, Primanti’s new spicy beer mustard, fries, slaw, and a tomato while the Bavarian features the same ingredients but subbing in Yuengling braised Silver Star Bratwurst instead of the pork schnitzel.  We have word from longtime Fast Food Geek reader, Jake Miller, that the Viennese is a very solid option.

While the sandwich is in the premium range at $10 (high for Primanti’s), there is a robust amount of food here.  Primanti’s schnitzel is thin and crispy, but still cascading off the side of the bread by a good two inches.  Its also important to remember that technically the sandwich also includes a side of fries and cole slaw–just inside of it.  Also of note is the new spicy beer mustard, which apparently is fantastic.  Also, my personal preference is to douse these behemoths in the class Red Devil hot sauce, which i’m sure will make the experience is even better.

If you’re in an area with a Primanti Bros restaurant, try these sandwiches now through October.  Please send along any pictures and share your opinions in the comments below if you do get a hold of one.  If I can get my hands on a Primanti’s Schnitzel sandwich, a review will be forthcoming!