twisted crust pizza
Pizza Hut is once again manipulating the crust of the pizza pie like only they can.  Stuffing it with cheese and creating cheesy bites stuffed with hot dogs were too crazy, so they’re simplifying things for a change and adding on a twisted bread stick to the back end of things.  The Twisted Crust Pizza is for the bread stick lover in all of us, who happen to also like pizza.  

For $11.99, patrons can get a 1 topping large Twisted Crust Pie with two dipping sauces.  Pizza Hut had added to its sauce dipper repertoire for the occasion by introducing Buffalo Ranch and Cheddar Cheese sauces to further enhance your experience.  This breadstick crust concoction seemingly has been attempted before, but that garlic, butter, and seasoning on the Hut’s bread sticks work so well, this is worth a try.