triple treat box
There is a constant battle between pizza joints to create the ultimate combination of products for a meal.  With bread sticks, desserts, and wings becoming more and more imposing in the mix of places such as Dominos, Papa Johns, and Pizza Hut, the latter has decided to create an extensive treasure chest of items called the Triple Treat Box. 

Consisting of a dresser drawer like box holding the items, this might be worth purchasing for the box alone.  For $19.99 you get 2 Medium 1 topping pizzas in either pan, hand tossed, or Thin n’ Crispy crusts making up the first two drawers, with the 3rd drawer containing The Ultimate Hershey Chocolate Chip Cookie and 5 Breadsticks or Flavor Sticks.  If you order these items a la carte, it totals at almost $30, so this makes for a great deal for a small get together!