In a couple of days, March 26th to be exact, Pepsi will release their newest beverage.  Pepsi Next will bombard America and enter the mid calorie soda battleground.  Sporting 60% less sugar, 16 carbs, and 60 calories, this new pop is quite the tweener.  Way too much caloric contents to be considered anywhere near diet yet still way below the traditional triple digit calories a regular soda will cost you, it’s hard for me to make certain which market Pepsi is aiming at here.  For everyone out there on a mail it in diet where you half heartedly eat healthy for two meals then splurge all night on mistakes, this just might be the soda for you.

Pepsi has tried to lay claim to this market before, with failed attempts in 1995 (Pepsi XL) and 2004 (Pepsi Edge), so it appears that Pepsi is hoping that the third time is the charm.  While we’re hoping that Next tastes better than those, the Huffington Post reports that this is the last thing America needs.  Next will be sweetened in a hybrid format, combining the sugary high fructose corn syrup and the chemically enhanced artificial sweetners that may or may not be more dangerous than that weird neighbor you have who doesn’t use electricity.

We’ll be sure to take on this Frankencola whenever it hits the shelves next week.