America has been fascinated by Buffalo style chicken for decades.  From hot wings to great hot sauce lines like Frank’s Red Hot and Texas Pete, there’s nothing like adding a dash of spice to your chicken.  This infatuation has shifted to pizzas with every chain seemingly at least making an attempt at creating a great Buffalo chicken pizza.  Believe it or not, my all time favorite buff-chix pizza comes from a small regional chain located only in Ohio and northern PA called Pizza Joe’s.  For whatever reason, it’s really hard for pizza places to combine the elements of a smooth ranch sauce, combined with hot sauce infused chicken, but national power player Papa John’s is giving it a go with their new Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

On sale this month for a $10 large, the pie consists of a creamy ranch sauce, chicken strips, an interesting and also exciting addition of crispy bacon, sliced onions, 100% mozzarella cheese, and a “tangy” Buffalo sauce. Is tangy a fancy way of saying borderline mild? I wonder if anyone has ever made a spicy pizza? The idea of eating spicy foods has crossed over into every food product except pizza.  Regardless, these ingredients sound pretty promising and for only $10, it’s quite a deal.