In another example of a restaurant giving the cold shoulder to this usually light meat time period, Papa John’s has debuted one of the meatiest pizzas in recent memory in the Five Sausage Pizza.  Personally, I didn’t even know there was that many sausages available at Papa John’s, but apparently only one of the sausages is new.  Loaded with real pork sausage, mild & spicy Italian sausage, smokes sausage, and the new Chorizo sausage, it doesn’t even look like there’s enough room for the mozzarella cheese listed.

Better yet, this pork powerhouse is only $10 for a large.  This seems like a pretty good value considering you’re probably also purchasing about 20 links of sausage along with your pie.  With no nutritional information available when this was written, one can only imagine, how much fat and cholesterol a slice of this bad boy packs.  If our cardiologists allow it, we’ll be taking on this behemoth.

~Fast Food Geek Staff