While already carrying the wildly popular and tasty Mac and Cheese, Panera is taking aim at the likes of rival  fast casual enterprise Noodles and Company with their line of Premium Signature Pastas.  While the Mac and Cheese is only considered a signature pasta, the Premium tag line can mean only one thing, way more pricey.

First off is the Pesto Sacchettini.  The pasta is described by Panera as “purse like” and loaded up with 6 cheeses: Ricotta, Parmesan, Romona, Monteray Jack, Cheddar, and Mozzarella.  This creation is tossed up in basil pesto and then delicately topped with Asiago and more Parmesan.  A small order has 460 calories, 26g of fat, and 14g of protein. 
Next is the Rustic Penne Bolognese.  This penne pasta is mixed up with a rich and hearty meat sauce and topped with Asiago and Parmesan cheeses.  A small order has 340 cals, 12g of fat, and 17g of protein.  
Lastly is the Tortellini Alfredo.  This rich dish includes a Tortellini noodle filled with Ricotta, Swiss, and Romano cheeses in a classic Alfredo sauce.  Again it is topped with the seemingly standard Asiago and Parmesan cheese mixture.  This small order has 390 cals, 18g of fat, 15g of protein.  
We’ll be sure to get a review of one of these Signature Pasta Dishes for you and update you on that premium price as well!
~Fast Food Geek