Here at Fast Food Geek, we’re always looking to innovate.  We stay up late at night trying to think of fresh new ideas to help our beloved readers navigate the ever changing world of food.  As such, we’ve decided to start a new series of mini-reviews that will be exclusive to our Instagram Account:

The series is very cleverly called Insta(nt) Reviews.  We’ll be using this platform to do really quick reviews of products we see at stores or impulse style add on items at restaurants.  The idea is simple; these items might not deserve a full post on the site, but we think they are interesting and want to help you determine if it’s worth a piece of your stack.   In the spirit of Instagram, the “reviews” will be brief impressions and conclude with a “worth it or not” call.  Also in the spirit of social networks, rather than using our extremely scientific, much loved official rating method that we use on the site, we will use a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji—or maybe the poop emoji.

Let us know if you see an item that you think we should cover at your local grocer or fast food establishment.  We’ll have some fun with these items and try to find some wild stuff.

First in the series is being posted today:  Sriracha hot Chili Sauce Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  Give it a look, give it a comment, and don’t forget to double tap