Heart Attack Grill is a hospital themed restaurant located in Las Vegas that has been serving up punches to the chest since 2005. They specialize in Burgers, fries, and shakes while going well above the call of duty when it comes to cramming in as many calories as possible. Owner Jon Basso hasn’t cut any corners and created some of the most death defying cuisine on the planet. Recently, Heath Attack Grill served up their very first heart attack.

A man, seemingly in his 40s, was recently dining at the Heart Attack Grill when he realized that he himself was having a heart attack. The symptoms began while the man was in the midst of consuming the “Triple Bypass Burger.” The man, fortunately, is recovering in a hospital and may be receiving a traditional triple bypass within the coming days.


The restaurant serves four burgers: The Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Bypass Burgers. The Triple Bypass Burger in question consists of three half pound patties, 15 pieces of bacon, an unspecified amount of cheese, special sauce, buns dipped in lard and onions cooked in lard, and a whole tomato to lighten it up a bit. Mr. Basso has estimated that this particular burger has around 6,000 calories, which is approximately three to four days worth of the recommended daily caloric intake.


The wait staff at this establishment dress in nursing costumes, while Mr. Basso—or Dr. Jon as he is called in the restaurant—wears a white doctor’s coat and a stethoscope. Apparently the staff and patrons are known to partake in role playing and go so far as wheeling very satisfied customers out of the restaurant to their cars in wheel chairs. This caused a bit of confusing as to if the gentleman was actually having a heart attack or if he was just trying to say “Thank you for this delicious burger.”

In addition to their burgers, they sell fries cooked in pure lard and milkshakes made with pure butterfat and pure cream. According to their online menu, customers may also purchase unfiltered lucky strike cigarettes.

~Fast Food Geek Staff