It wasn’t too long ago that KFC was wheeling and dealing with new chicken gimmicks on a monthly basis.  But now it seems like we’re waiting on a bi-annual basis for the chicken giant to give us something new to lust over.  Nashville Hot Chicken blew our minds a few years back and then came the Georgia Gold Chicken wave came through last year. Both of these saucy treats have found their way onto KFC’s permanent menu. The wait for more is now over as KFC introduces Smoky Mountain BBQ chicken.

The new sauce is touted as as taste of the south and supposedly features “a touch of vinegar” for Carolina fans, “a little bit of sweetness” for Kansas City BBQ fans, and finally crispiness for Memphis dry rub fans.  The new sauce is oil based just like the Nashville and Georgia sauces and can be found on Extra Crispy (bone in) chicken, Extra Crispy Tenders, or a Chicken Littles sandwich.  KFC is selling combos with this chicken for $4.99.