While KFC has made some sloppy bowls in the past, they typically have been based on the mashed tater.  Other circular entrees have included the Chicken Pot Pie as well. While the standard Fried Chicken Sandwich is the current rage of the world, KFC is talking bowls. Mac & Cheese is the latest KFC side dish to enter the entree game.  

Featuring a stripped down approach compared to the famous bowl, the Mac & Cheese bowl features only three ingredients, and two of them are cheese influenced. Starting with a heaping, base of the Colonel’s Mac and Cheese, the bowl is rounded out with white meat Popcorn Nuggets and then topped off with a blend of three shredded cheeses.  Further intriguing is the option to zest up the bowl by getting Nashville Hot Chicken in place of the standard chicken.  It’s yet to be seen if these bowls are added to the full time “Classics” menu at KFC alongside the Pot Pie and Famous Bowl. Theoretically all of the ingredients are already on hand, so this just might be here to stay.