While we’re a little late on the scene with this, last week Wendy’s officially dethroned Burger King as the #2 Burger chain in America according to this The Atlantic report.  While McDonald’s remains a distant 1st, this type of shift in hierarchy is quite startling for the fast food world, although the WSJ predicted back in December this type of throw down would go down.

If you readers are wondering how this happened, to the once high and mighty BK, it all comes down to focus.  During the mid 2000’s, whenever this shift of power began, Burger King shifted it’s focus on ads, creating a new version of their King mascot.  During this same time, Wendy’s decided to focus instead on their food, and make their product better.  As it turns out, in an ironic twist, whenever you own a restaurant, the food matters most.  Go figure on that one.

Burger King’s The King ads were aimed at pulling in young men and creating a frat community of super fans.  Too bad the recession hit and with disposable income getting crushed, these young, college kids never developed as BK super fans. All the while, Wendy’s began reinventing their fries and burgers, creating a new breakfast menu, and providing quality options.

It turns out that people, no mater what age or demographic, prefer better food over a creepy, now deceased mascot.