According to reports, the insanely popular cult classic Surge will be heading to Burger King, not in its pure fountain form but as a frozen beverage.  At this stage the information is fulled mostly by rumor and hearsay, but there are plenty of leaked images from internal BK documents to prove of the validity.  

It appears as though the frozen drink will have an extended 2.5 month run from November 16th through January 31st. I imagine this will be similar to the extensive line of slushie-like frozen beverages that Taco Bell has been rolling with lately.  The fact that information like this is fulled by document leaks shows just how ravenous the appetite is for Surge by the die hard fans.

Story is developing… we’ll be sure to keep you updated and to try out this exciting new foray when it drops. As always, let us know if you see this in your area or have any info!