UPDATE: These bad boys are set to hit shelves Monday, Apirl 8th!

In what can only described as a full circle moment, Frito Lay, who has partnered with Taco Bell for the insanely popular Doritos Locos Tacos, has decided that they want to jump into the act themselves.  The Doritos label will release two new Doritos Locos Tacos flavored chips.

There will be two different varieties to match the two tacos currently being sold at Taco Bell with Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese options.  Each bag will incorporate two different flavored chips with half (or close to half) of the chips being a Crunchy Taco flavor while the other half will be the corresponding Doritos flavor that were the inspiration for the tacos. It feels like we’ve entered a parallel universe where chips become tacos that become chips. We’ll let you know when these hit the market! But for now read up on our reviews for the two taco flavors: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch!

~Fast Food Geek