Leap day is one of those strange, once every four years, crazy Mayan induced days where a lot of strange things seem to happen. I can’t imagine being born on February 29th and then only being able to celebrate your actual birthday every Presidential election year.  But as strange as the whole leap day premise is, Subway has decided to celebrate it, as well as the end of FebruANY with a free cookie promotion.

The ad on Subway’s site stipulates that with any purchase, you will receive one free cookie as well.  Subway has some really underrated cookies, which seem to be freshly baked on premise.  Nothing like plowing through a warm, sweet cookie after you crush a salty sub.

Subway has some great options with their Chocolate Chip, M&M’s, and Snickerdoodle, among others, so be sure to get your last $5 Footlong of FebruANY as well as a free cookie to cap it off on Wednesday.

~Fast Food Geek