Fast casual burger chain Five Guys has been spitting out above average burgers, dogs, and fries for almost thirty years. Their hand crafted burgers and ample portioned fries are perennial favorites among eaters, and in the last year or so the restaurant is aiming to further their reach by introducing hand spun shakes into their repertoire. Starting off in only a couple locations in New York and New Jersey, we have learned from Twitter follower, @briancostra , that Five Guys Milkshakes have begun expanding further throughout the country and into Georgia.

Coming in at $3.99, customers can mix and match any of the mix ins, creating a ridiculous amount of customized options.  Bacon is even an option, making it quite tempting to create a full on Elvis Shake, containing peanut butter, banana, and bacon.

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Brian told us that he thinks Five Guys has some of the best shakes he’s ever had.  Anything I’ve ever tried at Five Guys I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, so I can’t wait until these delectable treats come to my neck of the woods.


Five Guys Milkshakes

Real Bits of Bacon