While the uproar and pandemonium that is the Cinnamon Bun Oreos hasn’t even subsided, let alone been released into the wild, we have received word of another future release months in advance. Filled Cupcake Oreos will be coming out sometime in January in Limited Edition release.

Continuing the somewhat recent trend of releasing a ridiculous amount of varieties, Nabisco has again taken on a fairly popular snack without exactly using its name.  These appear to be eerily similar in nature to the Hostess Cupcakes you used to house in grade school.  In similar vein, Oreo has re-released the cult classic Marshmallow Crispy a take on Rice Krispy Treats recently to go along with other limited time fall releases Pumpkin Spice and Toasted Coconut.  Stay tuned to our Instagram for more news as it arises.

Oreo’s coming at a relentless pace now, hard to keep up, and even harder to remember all the flavors now.

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Credit to Instagram user @smoore1224 for the original scoop.