Happy Thursday to all of you crazy, half delusional, Fast Food Geek readers. Hope you’ve all been mesmerized by our wondrous reviews this week.  Tomorrow we’ll bring you a recap of the week that was.  But until then, we wanted to pepper your pizza with a dose of social networking information and some news updates that will tickle your noggins. 

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Now we’ll move onto the wide and wonderful world of fast food news:
  •  An LA Times report shows that, fast food isn’t just for poor, fat people after all.  The report states that a study of around 4,000 Americans was done and that the middle class is actually most responsible for fast food intake and not the lower class like many would suspect.  Once personal income rises over $80,000/yr however, consumers tend to bail on dives and fat factories and instead indulge at restaurants that supply their consumers with actual silverware. 

  • Christian Chicken purveyor Chic-Fil-A is in the news for their generous donations to groups with anti-gay agendas.  A Huffington-Post article reports that in 2009, the all chicken-all the time restaurant donated over $2 million to groups who promote action against homosexuality.  Apparently you can’t separate religion, chicken, and politics. 

  • Our last piece of news comes from a Business Insider article that reveals that the reason the McDonald’s McRib has returned this month is due to commodity pricing.  Due to the fact that McDonald’s needs to order millions of pounds of “pork” every time that the sandwich makes a gimmick run, analysts wait for a dip in the price of pork.  Even a tiny dip in the price can save the company millions of stones.  So enjoy the McRib while you can, its time is running out!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, Steve should have a bite sizer of the Wendy’s Monteray Ranch Chicken value sandwich sometime in the not too distant future.
~Fast Food Geek