Has anyone checked out what Wendy has been up to lately? That youthful redhead, has fully transformed into a lean, mean, redecorating and burger inspecting machine. As part of a multi year strategy to reinvigorate their brand, Wendy’s is remodeling select operations around the United States with new exterior and interior designs, as well as menu items like, Dave’s Hot and Juicy, the W Burger, New Coffee and Breakfast foods and freestyle soda machines.  I recently visited one of these new locations and decided to give a full blown review of the major new features.

For years, the fast food giants have battled it out with gimmicks, price cuts, and late night promos. Wendy’s has seemingly jumped out ahead of the rest with their recent renovations. With very intriguing, contemporary designs. The new remodeled structures look classier than ever, in an attempt to show off their “freshly prepared” menu items, and their new cafe style breakfast items.

The beverage stations that are being installed in these new Wendy’s will forever change your life. Touch screen displays, with various types of coke products available, all from one spout! But thats not all! You can choose to mix in a variety of flavors into your drink, to hopefully create the best fountain soda ever. I chose to get a Diet Cherry Coke because, well I need to save calories somewhere (-___-). They even suggest flavors you can make on the side of your drink cup. Truly amazing. Almost makes it worth stopping there just to buy a soda if you’re not hungry.

As you will notice from the photos below, Wendy’s has completely out done itself. These establishments are incredibly clean, and incredibly modern. You can sit at a window bar seat, a comfy leather seat by a fireplace,  or the standard table. The menus are all electronic now. They can change the menu daily, or whenever a new gimmick is released. The fresh veggies they use as toppings are on display, and you can see every corner of the remodeled building as part of their open floor plan.

I was very impressed with what Wendy had done, and will certainly be heading back soon to indulge.

Wendy’s Renovations: 5/5