While the end of August, or even earlier, typically signifies Pumpkin flavored everything hitting the shelves, Dunkin Donuts will be bringing Maple Pecan into the mix.  But don’t you worry, all of the typical pumpkin items will also be joining the brand new flavor.  Maple Pecan coffees and lattes will be available in beverage form, bringing a sweet and nutty taste to your sweater weather.  Also available to satisfy your pallet will be a Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast sandwich.  The sandwich will feature a double portion of Maple Sugar Cherrywood smoked bacon, egg, and cheese, between a fresh baked croissant.

While these items are interesting, the masses will also be happy to indulge in the traditional pumpkin flavored coffees, lattes, donuts, munchkins, muffins, and brand new cream cheese spread that has made the fall eating season such a sensation. Look for all of these items to hit Dunkin by August 28th.