It seems like every couple of years Burger King goes all in on Halloween. This year, we have reached full bore. Burger King has unveiled the Nightmare King.  Featuring a green bun, that will all but assuredly make your next trip to the bathroom into an experience, the sandwich also features three protein elements.

Featuring a quarter pound beef patty, a crispy chicken breast filet, thick cut bacon, american cheese, mayo, onions, and the infamous green glazed sesame seed bun, the Nightmare King is available through November 1st at Burger King.

Also in an astounding move, Burger King did some sort of research study to prove that this sandwich likely to cause nightmares. After performing a bizarre sleep study with Paramount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. and Goldforest Inc. for over 10 days with 100 participants, Burger King determined that after consuming the Nightmare King, a human is 3.5 times for likely to have nightmares. Not too surprising this study was done in Florida.